About The Author

Sir Ken Miller was born very young in Brooklyn, New York on a September Labor Day at 7:11a.m. His mother was there, and his father was working in Buffalo as an entertainer. He learned at an early age to be somewhat independent. He entered the world crying after the doctor slapped his tush. His mother told him a joke. He stopped crying and started laughing.

He went to public school in Brooklyn and became President of his class and voted best athlete. Subsequently he enrolled in Lincoln High School where he pitched a one hitter against Midwood High. He also joined the swim, track and football teams. Nothing much happened on the academic side of his schooling however.

He was admitted to Brooklyn College where he played baseball and football and became a cheerleader. When he switched to the City College of New York (CCNY) he majored in civil engineering. A stop at New York University (NYU) and back to Brooklyn College where he eventually graduated.

His first job, thanks to his Uncle Sol, a well-known horse trainer, was as a civil engineer for a Connecticut developer. After a few months he realized engineering was not for him and discovered his joy in marketing.

Over the years he has been a marketing innovator in real estate and resort development, medical devices and a variety of other products and services. He worked worldwide with developers, governments, financial institutions, Fortune 500 Corporations and the United Nations. He has been responsible for several billion dollars in sales worldwide. Known as an innovator in marketing, Ken was among the founders of vacation ownership, condo conversions, green development and international marketing

While creating a ‘model’ for the 'resort city of the future' on assignment for a major insurance company, his firm predicted the growth of green development and the need for wellness through preventive medicine. These discoveries were a determining factor in his mission to bring better health to people worldwide and was in part, the inspiration to write Enter Crying, Exit Laughing©. His personal health challenges provided the experience and a funny collection of stories depicting his time in hospitals, clinics and ambulances.

Working with the United Nations he founded the National Committee for Habitat to help families worldwide obtain affordable and sustainable housing. In July 2001 His Majesty, Sheikh Anwar Mahmoud Mekkeen, King of Nubia and its Provinces knighted Miller for his humanitarian work. Hello Sir Ken. Miller lectures worldwide on the subject of marketing at universities, trade conferences, and for corporations. He has been interviewed on radio and television, authored several articles on marketing and co-authored Social Media Superstars.


Illustrator – Arnold Roth

Praise from John Updike: “Roth is an American original, irreverent, tireless, manicky, and secretly efficient. He can draw, is what it comes down to, and his work jumps with joy. All cartoonists are geniuses, but Arnold Roth is especially so.”