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Enter Crying, Exit Laughing©


“It should be required reading for everyone and be placed in hospitals, hotels, resorts, 
on cruise ships, trains and especially subways.”

Dr Sam Rhame, Chiropractor


 “Sir Ken Miller’s book makes for wonderful reading. It makes you laugh, cry, cry with laughter, 
and most important reaffirm living. MOSES would be Proud.”

Dr. Robert K. Rosenthal, M. D., Harvard Medical School


"This book is not only hilarious, if you follow its advice you will most likely not
be seeing many doctors, especially those in my specialty."

Dr. Arthur H. Mensch, M.D., Orthopedic Surgery Pathologist


“I Love this book! My physician husband, friends and I agree: it is a treasure trove of wellness tips that lasts a lifetime!"

Lady Reba Evenchick, Queen of the Berkshires 


“The book is simply hilarious, educational and should be part of everyone's library.”

Dr Jennifer Nordby, M.D., Pediatrician


“Ken is on the right track trying to help folks get past the sick,
shock and sad stuff and get on with the living, laughing and loving.”

Dr. Paul Stelzer, M.D., Cardiac Surgeon


“This is a funny, humorous and wise way to discover the basics of living healthier.
It will make you laugh while providing knowledge.”

Dr. Todd Schlifstein M.D., Fountain Medical Group. NY, NY


“Read Ken’s book, you will laugh and be reminded to enjoy each moment by laughing, sharing and living a healthy life.”

Keith Trowbridge, Executive Quest, Ft. Myers, FL


"If you like Woody Allen and Mel Brooks you will love Kenny Miller.”

Bob Trotta, Pundit, Savant, Member of Mankind